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Paternity Testing

If you are in need of a paternity test, then you have come to the right place. If you have had multiple partners, naturally you want to know who the father of your baby is and to establish paternity in order to collect child support or simply for your own peace-of-mind. We are your one-stop-shop for everything DNA related. We have a leading analytical laboratory for Legal DNA paternity testing, analysis for criminal forensic cases, paternity cases, immigration, family reconstruction, and geneology. We specialize in legal DNA testing, home paternity testing, and additionally we offer a wide range of familial relationship testing for geneology. We are one of the most recommended labs by hospitals, attorneys and tv in the country. Our lab is also featured on television shows such as Maury!

Paternity Testing
DNA Testing Customer Service

What's The First Step?

If this is your first test, every customer's situation is unique, therefore, we highly recommend you call our paternity experts to ensure you order the test that is right for you at (440) 487-4546. Other laboratories outsource their customer service, but we take pride in hiring and training our own people so that your experience is easy, confidential, and affordable. Most tests get results in 24 hours!

DNA Test
 Court Ordered DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing as low as $399!

We provide cheap Legal DNA Paternity Testing for use in court cases involving divorce, child custody and child support, as well as for immigration, visa applications and estate or inheritance cases. If you need a court ordered paternity test, call us to arrange test collection at a location near you. Contact today (440) 487-4546.

Court-Ordered Legal DNA Test.
Home DNA Testing.

Home DNA Testing as low as $199!

Our Home DNA Test Kit is the most discrete and affordable kit we offer. It includes a cheek swab for collecting samples of both the child, and the father in question in the privacy of your own home. Should it ever be necessary to use these results in court, the results of this test will have limited admissibility because they do not follow the proper chain of custody required for most courts.
Contact today (440) 487-4546.

DNA test for court.
DNA Plus Testing Labs

Our Mission

We are committed to offering paternity testing solutions at an affordable price to you. If you have reseached prices on the internet, then you have discovered that we have the best prices on the web with the same proven accuracy as the expencive labs. We want to ensure that DNA testing is available at an affordable cost to those who need them. We take the confusion and uncertainty out of your decision on choosing to establish paternity and which paternity test is right for you. Our site shows you what paternity solutions are offered and explains the benefits of each paternity test option.
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is "Highest Quality Built-In" which means that every step of the process from sample collection to results reporting is critically designed, evaluated and monitored. This translates into the highest quality results possible with certain accuracy.

Our Philosophy

Our Service

With thousands of DNA testing locations in the U.S., your DNA results can be expected within 48 hours once received at our lab. We are truly committed to serving you and are ever expanding our network of trained professionals to provide you with the highest quality forensic DNA services without the need to travel.

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DNA Plus specializes in affordable DNA testing, paternity testing, & immigration testing. Arrange for your test anywhere in the United States: (440) 487-4546.

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